The Big Bang Theory Or The Simpsons Quiz: During Which Series Did Stephen Hawking Say It?

This quiz is created for fans of Stephen Hawking, Sheldon Cooper and Lisa Simpson.

The Simpsons Stephen Hawking

From the physics universe into the industry of humour - the brilliant mind of all the time, Stephen Hawking was in his element in every aspect. He was a genius who talked like a robot. It’s everything that a fictional character, genius from Texas, Sheldon Cooper ever wanted in a friend. Well, his wish almost came true. Not only did the greatest physicist of his time serve as an inspiration for Sheldon and his entourage, but also worked with Howard, met Sheldon, read his paper, sang Happy Birthday and even played Words With Friends with him.

Besides his epic appearance in the science focused TV series, Hawking had his fair share in animated adult sitcom, The Simpsons. More proof that the British theoretical physicist had a savage sense of humour. His profound understanding of the universe, time and man, helped humanity to advance in science and enriched American cinematography.

This Stephen Hawking quotes quiz is to commemorate one of the most intelligent men on planet, who was perhaps Sheldon’s only intellectual equal. Can you match Hawking’s quotes to the correct sitcom? We know Sheldon and Lisa could.

1. "Your Thesis Is Fascinating. Too Bad It's Wrong."


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