The Big Bang Theory: Progressively Weirder Penny Quiz

Only the most hardcore, committed Penny fans have a chance of getting 100% on this quiz.

The Big Bang Theory Penny

The Big Bang Theory is of course built on the premise that Penny is the one "normal" member of the focal nerdy friendship group, and while she's certainly an outlier among them, it isn't long before she too reveals her own array of quirks.

From her unconventional upbringing in Nebraska to her eyebrow-raising family life, her various superstitions, and her turbulent romances, Penny is never too far away from a strange story.

But just how well do you really remember Penny's most oddball moments throughout the show's history? It's easy to lose track of it all with 12 seasons and 279 episodes to choose from, and so only the most hardcore, committed Penny fans have a chance of getting anywhere close to 100% on this quiz.

In this progressively weirder Penny quiz, can you prove your aptitude for remembering her oddest personality traits, most hilariously weird encounters, and the various ways in which she bristled up against the rest of the group?

But fear not no matter how you do, because the answers are at the end as ever. Good luck!

1. What Was Penny A Junior Champion Of?


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