The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Can You Guess What These Characters Are Saying From Just One Picture?

This quiz will show if you have an eidetic memory like Sheldon Cooper.

The Big Bang Theory Leonard And Penny

An occasional viewer of The Big Bang Theory knows Sheldon’s quirks, Amy’s determinism, Raj’s selective mutism, Penny’s love for alcohol, Bernadette’s perkiness, Leonard’s winning and of course the fact that Howard does not have a P.H.D., but knows a lot of doctors. The real fan knows a little bit more.

Every single effort that Amy made to become the prom queen’s BFF or turning Sheldon into a functional boyfriend, every desperate act of romance performed by Raj, Penny’s adventures before she finally settled down with Leonard, Leonard’s mommy issues, Bernie’s competitiveness, Howard’s magic trick, and of course, what do Sheldon Cooper and a black hole have in common? Well, They both suck. Neener, neener, neener.

But, only a Big Bang Theory addict knows all the popular quotes of the beloved characters, their catchphrases and sharp one-liners supported by academic background, theories, axioms and experiments of the physics world or simply the street.

Well, let’s see if you are that good. Can you remember what Penny and her entourage are saying from just one picture? It's not as easy as you might think!

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Sheldon Saying?


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