The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Can You Match The Character To The Actor?

Do you know which actors portrayed your favourite nerds and scientists?

The Big Bang Theory Denise

When it comes to developing a successful sitcom series, it all comes down to the talent and charisma of the cast. After all these are the people we'll be watching every week, with each episode featuring their chaotic lives on-screen. A prime example of a sitcom that does this effortlessly, is the scientifically hilarious The Big Bang Theory.

Despite multiple cast changes throughout the twelve seasons, our favourite Caltech scientists have remained a staple. When the show initially debuted, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny were the iconic signature faces of the series. However with the addition of Amy and Bernadette in the third season, the show's ensemble strengthened, introducing some fresh characters to the mix.

So given the many actors, it's reasonable to assume that some may have overlooked the supporting cast. Many characters come and go in this series, and with the addition of guest stars, the cast list is undoubtedly extensive!

We're asking the internet today if you can identify the actor that portrays the Big Bang Theory character! Do you know who played the lead and supporting cast? Let's find out!

1. Mary Cooper


Media, Film, and Communications student at the University of Otago NZ