The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Can You Match The Penny And Sheldon Scene To The Season?

Only the most diehard Big Bang Theory fans will score full marks on this quiz!

The Big Bang Theory Penny Sheldon

There’s no denying that Sheldon and Penny from The Big Bang Theory were polar opposites, however this what made their friendship all the more intriguing and entertaining. They never kept things from each other and there was no hidden agenda within their friendship. Yes, they didn’t always see eye to eye but this is what made them closer than most friends.

They taught each other so much over the years - from which Kardashian is which to which flag belongs to which country. It was hard to fall in love with their unexpected connection. And while there was never anything romantic between Sheldon and Penny, their love for each other was probably more than most married couples. They were an absolute pleasure to watch over the years.

Let’s see how well you remember one of the greatest friendships in television history. Can you match the following Sheldon and Penny scenes to the correct season? Don’t worry if you don’t score 100%, all the correct answers will be shown at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Which Season Is This Scene From?


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