The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Did Amy Say It?

Can you spot something Amy said from the rest of the gang? Let's find out!

Amy Farrah Fowler

Before Amy Farrah Fowler met Sheldon Cooper, she'd never had a boyfriend before.

Despite Amy being an intelligent and kind person, she hadn't found a true group of friends. At school she hung out with the staff and insisted that she was only on a dating site to please her mother. Even though Amy was a true and loyal friend, it took Howard and Raj creating a dating account for Sheldon for her to finally find a place among friends.

Not only did Amy find friends that cared for her, she also met the man of her dreams. Sheldon might not be like everyone else, but that was what made Amy fall in love with him. It was his brilliance and quirky qualities that drew Amy to him. Their relationship wasn't easy but together they made it work.

Full of smart and witty comments, Amy quickly became an iconic member of The Big Bang Theory cast of characters. The question is, can you spot something Amy said from the rest of the gang?

Only the biggest fans of the show will be able to answer all 12 of these correctly. Let's see how many you can score correctly!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. I Did Work On A Study That Disproved Love At First Sight. Clearly, It Was Wrong.


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