The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Did Howard Say It?

Only Raj would ace this quiz.

Howard Big Bang Theory

Howard Wolowitz is one of the main characters of the legendary Big Bang Theory.

An eccentric master of mechanical engineering, Howard also considers himself a womanizer and flirts with any woman in his vicinity. In addition to trying charm women with his impeccable Russian, he is also a talented imitator. Just this skill was appreciated by his pals in the series, where he parodies Al Pacino and even voices the speech of a dolphin.

Howard specializes in space engineering. Unlike his friends, he is not a theorist, but is instead a practitioner. An education gap caused by not having a Ph.D. often causes jokes and a condescending attitude on his friends’ part, though Wolowitz still managed to achieve plentiful success in his career.

Played by Simon Helberg, Howard lives with an old, obese and overbearing mother who doesn't pay much attention to his achievements and exploits him as best she can. And by the way, according to Howard, he doesn't live with his mother; she lives with him.

Acting talent, a non-trivial plot, and an unusual role made Helberg's character one of the most beloved in The Big Bang Theory. As dumb as he is, many of Howard’s quotes are smart and at the same time ridiculous. But for now, can you guess whether the following quotes were said by him?

Answers at the end!

1. “Just Because You Have That Accent Doesn’t Mean What You Say Isn’t Stupid.”


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