The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Did Raj Koothrappali Say It?

Did Raj Koothrappali say these famous quotes from The Big Bang Theory?

Raj Big Bang Theory

Every single time a long running television sitcom ends, one of the main characters usually ends the show without the perfect happy ending tying up all loose ends. It happened to fan favourite Joey Tribbiani in Friends who ended the sitcom single and without any direction despite the closest people in his life moving away and settling down with their family.

Sure, it was really understandable in that case because Joey was set for his own spin-off sitcom which would further flesh out the character Matt LeBlanc made famous but that hasn't been the case for the popular character of Raj Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory with no spin-off for him said to be on the horizon.

Although his friends all ended up with their life partners by the last episode of the show, Raj didn't have so much luck and ended the saga as single as he started it and it's such a shame that the creators of The Big Bang Theory haven't thought to give actor Kunal Nayyar his own show.

By now you've seen all the episodes of The Big Bang Theory but how well do you know the words of Raj?

1. “I Shouldn’t Be Raising A Kid! I Don’t Even Eat My Own Vegetables.”


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