The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Did Sheldon, Penny Or Leonard Say It?

Let's see if you can identify who said each of these 12 quotes. Good luck!

Big Bang Theory Sheldon Penny Leonard

When Penny moved into the apartment across the hall, a chain of events started that would change both Leonard's and Sheldon's lives forever.

The instant that Leonard saw her, he fell deep for her. Not only was Penny beautiful but she was cool and kind to him. Though never believing he would get to date her, all Leonard could do was be a shoulder to cry on and go fetch her tv from her ex.

It didn't take long for Penny to realise that Leonard might not be like her regular boyfriends but he could be the one for her.

Yet throughout all this, there was another who was impacted by it all, Sheldon. Leonard’s long-term roommate struggled with the changes that come with two friends dating. When they broke up Sheldon struggled with being friends with both. When they were together, this meant changes to his schedule. Eventually, Sheldon would move into Penny's old apartment with her own girlfriend, seeing him finally living apart from Leonard. Luckily it was only across the hall.

Sheldon, Penny and Leonard were inseparable during The Big Bang Theory, but how much do you remember about them? Let's see if you can identify who said each of these 12 quotes. Good luck!

1. I Am The King Of The Nerds.


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