The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Emily Or Cinnamon?

Was Raj talking to his girlfriend or to his little Yorkie?


In spite of the fact that everyone wants Raj to finally find love, including Raj himself, things seem to be rather messed up for him when it comes to romance. Fans have been guessing throughout the seasons, whether he’ll stay single forever or “somehow” end up with “someone”.

Will he overcome his social anxiety with women and the “selective mutism,” which prevents him from talking to women unless under the influence of alcohol? Seasons pass, but Raj is pretty much the same guy in season 12 as he was in season 1, except more desperate.

Yes, this genius astrophysicist definitely doesn’t like changes and keeps to a stable routine. And falling in love or just starting to date around is a huge one. But being a really sensitive, kind, and caring person, Raj has no problems making friends. In fact, some of them get so worried about him that they get him a dog, Cinnamon, to keep him company.

And after Emily, his girlfriend, appears in his life, things get way too weird. Howard even invents a new game called “Emily or Cinnamon”. Let’s see if you can handle it!

1. "Hey, Dew-Kissed Flower. What's Up?"


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