The Big Bang Theory Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Howard Wolowitz?

Will you get every answer correct in this ultimate Howard Wolowitz quiz? Let's find out!

Howard Wolowitz The Big Bang Theory

Howard Joel Wolowitz started out on The Big Bang Theory as a wannabe ladies man.

Always coming up with schemes and plans to successfully date women, Howard often found himself in strange situations. There was the time both Howard and Raj pretended to have tattoo. He also crashed the Mars Rover on the moon when trying to impress a woman.

Then Howard met Bernadette and he realised that no one else mattered. She was the one who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Do you know everything that there is to know about Howard Wolowitz? This quiz will test even the most loyal fan of The Big Bang Theory as we ask you 12 questions about everyone's favourite engineer.

Can you remember who Howard had a fantasy about when deciding if he should date Bernadette? Do you recall what Howard and Raj's band were called?

Only a the fans who have seen all 279 episodes will even stand a chance at getting 100% on this Howard quiz. Will you get every answer correct? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all of the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Where Did Howard Get His Masters Degree?


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