The Big Bang Theory Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Apartment 4A?

It's practically impossible to score 100% on this Big Bang Theory quiz!

The Big Bang Theory

Apartment 4A is the main setting for the intellectually rich TV series, The Big Bang Theory. It is the apartment where legendary Sheldon Cooper lived with his roommate with a big Napoleon Complex, Leonard Hofstadter, until he moved into Apartment 4B with Amy Farah Fowler, his girlfriend, and eventual wife.

The sitcom is popular for its creative cinematographic techniques and solutions. The squad of scientists were shown to climb the stairs while arguing about superheroes in coloured underwear, relationship dilemmas, workplace problems and real science issues. Many funny scenes were shot in that staircase - just like the time Sheldon continued to climb the stairs while in the “zone”, Leonard all the while hoping he'd fall off the roof!

The road to apartment 4A was a fairway to humour, romance, board games and tons of experiments. No one could have imagined that the apartment filled with nerdy stuff and toys could be that cozy, even for a girl like Penny.

Today’s quiz is dedicated to the legendary Big Bang Theory set. From the apartment flag to the shower curtain, how well do you remember apartment 4A?

1. What Was The Address Of Apartment 4A?


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