The Big Bang Theory Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Leonard And Penny's Relationship?

Just how well do you remember the romance between Leonard and Penny?

The Big Bang Theory Leonard And Penny

Leonard and Penny were not only the defining couple of The Big Bang Theory, but also one of the defining couples of modern television. They were simply that enjoyable to watch together.

TBBT fans can debate for years the validity of this remark, and how Howard and Bernadette or Sheldon and Amy or, hell, Howard and Raj are actually the better duo, but quite simply, there is more evidence to back up this claim. Sorry, ShAmy fans.

Everyone viewing the show, either for the first time or the millionth, could relate to the couple in at least one way. Penny brought Leonard out of his shell whereas without a supportive partner like Leonard, Penny may never have departed the Cheesecake Factory for good and found a well-paying job in the pharmaceutical industry.

From the very first moment they met in TBBT's pilot episode to the 'will they, won't they' dynamic akin to Friends' Ross and Rachel, there was a lot to unpack from Leonard and Penny's relationship. Even throughout the periods where they were simply friends rather than lovers, there were still numerous tidbits of information revealed that were worth holding on to.

How much did you remember, though?

Answers at the end!

1. In The Middle-Earth Paradigm, Which Holiday Saw Leonard And Penny's First Kiss?


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