The Big Bang Theory Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Raj And Howard's Bromance?

This Bromance started with a Big Bang!

The Big Bang Theory Raj Howard

From Kirk and Spock's iconic dynamic to JD and Turk's guy love, and Chandler and Joey's epic friendship to Sherlock and Watson's legendary pairing, TV has always been a platform for some of the most iconic guy duos and continues to do so.

Modern duos of Troy and Abed from Community, Peralta and Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine fall in the same category and continue to top the fan-favourite charts. Perhaps, we missed one of the most underrated bromances on modern television - Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory.

Their Bromance kicked off from the very first episode. They went through a handful of fights, handshakes, awkward hugs, homosexual jokes and stayed strong through a whopping 279 episodes. The funny yet creepy and needy Howard covered in sweet, caring, caramel coating of brown dynamite Raj accounted for some of the most iconic and hilarious exchanges in the show's history.

They were the best of friends, through good times and bad. Though fans might argue that Leonard and Sheldon or Penny and Amy were the best BFFs on the show, they simply didn't share the kind of love Raj and Howard did. So, here's a quiz to celebrate Howard and Raj's legendary bromance.

Do you really know these two nerdy best friends better than all other fans?

1. What Was The Name Of Howard And Raj's Band?


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