The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Match The Guest Star To The Episode They Appeared In

How well do you remember the legendary cameos on TBBT?

The Big Bang Theory Katee Sackhoff

When it comes to cameo appearances in the nerdy-science TV series The Big Bang Theory, it’s basically a dream come true for nerds. Following Pasadena’s favourite scientists work, play video and board games, advance in their respective fields and mark a success for romance enthusiasts was a real pleasure. But meeting Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj’s childhood heroes, role models and favourite actors on the show doubled the fun.

Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking - the list is endless. Yes, these great people had their epic scene-stealing time within the course of the series and we did not mind one bit! It's not everyday you can see Elon Musk wash plates with an M.I.T engineer or someone throw up on William Shatner.

The majority of the celebrity appearances may have been short but they were definitely hilarious and memorable. Stephen Hawking’s jokes even managed to outrun Howard’s sarcasm and Penny’s mocking.

Let’s see if you can match the following high profile surprise guest star to the episodes they appeared in.

1. Billy Bob Thornton


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