The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Penny - Finish These Quotes

Holy crap on a....?!

Penny The Big Bang Theory

Penny is one of the very few characters on The Big Bang Theory that isn't what you would call "academic". So much so that even she probably wouldn't get 100% on this quiz. Nevertheless, her character is one of the main reasons why the show became as popular as it did. Her character wasn't just an attractive blonde, but was an attractive blonde with an incredible sense of humour. Her naivety and lack of common sense when it came to anything remotely important, played a huge part in the growth of love for her character.

Whether you're a fan of the leading lady herself or you just can't get enough of everything TBBT, this quiz is definitely for you. We have taken some of Penny's best quotes from across all 12 seasons and we need you to fill in the blanks. Can you remember Penny as well as you think can?

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Answers at the end!

1. "Sweetie, Every Night You Don't Kill Him In His Sleep..."


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