The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Sheldon Cooper - What's His Next Line?


The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

With the conclusion of the final season in May 2019, The Big Bang Theory is officially over - but that doesn't mean we should stop talking or thinking about it... or saying 'Bazinga!' occasionally.

While all of the show's characters are adorable in their own way, there's no denying that Jim Parsons' character, Sheldon Cooper, is something special.

In Sheldon, audiences have found a completely awkward and socially inept genius who nonetheless finds love, friendship, and a genuinely happy life. Sheldon Cooper is a worthy role model - he has many friends, he knows how to set goals for himself and achieve them, his career is extremely successful, and he is also doing something that in the future can be useful for every inhabitant of the globe. At the same time, of course, he has many problems.

Awkwardness, insensitivity, inability to communicate - all this allows the viewer to have fun looking at his character.

Sheldon regularly does something "funny" that makes others either cover their face with a facepalm or just leave the room. But the question for today is, just how many of his jokes and serious one-liners do you remember? Let's find out!

1. "Scissors Cuts Paper, Paper Covers Rock, Rock Crushes Lizard, Lizard Poisons Spock."


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