The Big Bang Theory Quiz: The ULTIMATE "Footprints On The Moon" True Or False Quiz

If you have dug into their vibe then this quiz is for you!

Howard And Raj

The four scientists of the Big Bang Theory united over the toxic love for Star Wars, comic books, board games, and of course, science. While the bromance between Sheldon and Leonard was regulated by roommate agreement and weird bathroom and dining schedules, Raj and Howard lived by the unwritten rules of friendship.

If you think that going to couples therapy or couples massages is weird, then you chose the wrong alliance to imitate. The astrophysicist from exotic world and engineer from outer space used to tell everything to each other, did pie halfsies at House of Pies, and created a band together. Footprints on the moon.

With songs like “Thor and Doctor Jones” , “Let's Get Astrophysical” and “Sherlock Around the Clock” these guys gently lifted the roof off and set it quietly down in the backyard. Who needs volume to rock, when the lyrics are hilarious.

Well, let’s see if you can pass under the definition of a fan. And not only a fan of the BIg Bang Theory, but of the band Footprints on the moon. Answer this true or false question to find out!

1. Howard And Raj Formed "Footprints On The Moon" In The Episode "The 2003 Approximation".

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