The Big Bang Theory Quiz: What's My First Line?

It all started with a big bang!


How closely were you really watching?

The Big Bang Theory is known for its science, its humour and its Sheldon. Across 12 seasons and 250 episodes we saw a group of five unexpected friends become one big happy family. Howard Wolowitz, Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Raj Koothrappali and Penny were the original five before welcoming Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette Rostenkowski to their close-knit group of friends. We saw each character grow from young nerds and aspiring actors, to successful scientists and pharmaceutical sales reps.

You may know their favourite types of cereals, their favourite TV shows and even their catchphrases, but do you remember the first words to come out if their mouths?

Can you correctly identify which quote was the first to be spoken by the following 15 characters from The Big Bang Theory?

Answers at the end!

1. Sheldon


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