The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Amy Or Penny?

How well do you remember the besties?

The Big Bang Theory Amy Penny

Amy and Penny couldn't be any more different if they tried.

Amy was a neurobiologist who suffered with low self-esteem while Penny was an aspiring actress who worked as a waitress and loved spending her weekends partying with a large group of girl friends. It came as quite a shock, especially to Penny, when these two became besties. Not quite as shocking as that painting of course!

They learned a lot from each other over the years but they still managed to keep ahold of their individual quirks that made them unique. They never let their differences change their own personalities and beliefs. This is what made them such great friends and so entertaining to watch. They are definitely BFF's for life!

What we want to know today is if you can tell these two lovely ladies apart from just their quotes alone. It's time to find out just how closely you were paying attention and see if you are truly The Big Bang Theory's biggest fan.

Who said the following quotes - was it Amy or was it Penny?

1. "Sheldon, What Did We Say About Being A Nicer Friend?"


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