The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Barry Kripke Or Wil Wheaton?

Which enemy of Sheldon Cooper said it?

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

The Big Bang Theory aired in 2007 and broke all the stereotypes and normalities of classic sitcoms. You don’t need to be tall, handsome and dress well to appear on a sitcom and keep the audience entertained for twelve years.

The true embodiment of eccentricity is the main character Sheldon Cooper - the genius guy who looks and dresses like a boy. Not to mention his childish behaviour and whims. Did you know that Sheldon Cooper maintained Mortal Enemies List on a floppy, which later did not work, adding the person responsible for the quality control at the Verbatim Corporation to the list?

The honorary members of the list were Wil Wheaton, Billy Sparks, Tam Nguyen and many others. Despite the fact that Sheldon did not get Wil Wheaton's autograph in 1995, Wesley Crusher with his remarkable mind and photographic memory managed to make peace with Einstein von Brainstorm. We cannot say the same thing about Barry Kripke, who was never actually added to the enemy list, but still played hard on Sheldon. We do think that he deserves a place in the legendary list however. But Sheldon thought that letting Barry sing “At Last” at his wedding was enough.

Well, let’s see if you can guess who said these quotes - the boy genius or the Caltech physicist?

1. "Hello. I Want To Talk About How Lonely I Am, Too."


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