The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Priya Koothrappali Or Emily Sweeney?

How good's your memory of this controversial pair?

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory had a major roster of recurring and guest characters over its 12-season run, but few were as controversial as Priya and Emily during their time on the show. In another life, the pair may have ended up as the love interests of Leonard and Raj respectively, but each turned out to be an obstacle for their other half's true happiness.

Priya was an independent woman who brought a lot of confidence out in Leonard, but was ultimately in the way of his love for Penny and later hurt her boyfriend rather deeply. On the other hand, Emily initially seemed like a fun-loving fit for Raj, but arguably turned out to be someone who was more determined to be in a relationship than with him as a person, despite the latter's realisation he may be better off on his own.

So, how well do you remember this pair and what they got up during their run? Think you can decipher one's comments from the other? If you can get all of these right, you've got a pretty excellent memory...

1. "I Think It's Sexy To Date A Boy Trapped In A Man's Body."


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