The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Sheldon, Leonard, Raj Or Howard?

Guess which nerd said it.

The Big Bang Theory

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, and then fourteen years ago, four geek characters came along to star on our TV screens and win our hearts with their adorable dorkiness and inimitable personalities.

The show is filled with love, science, and laughter. Even though many of us are far away from science, everyone relates to at least one of the Big Bang Theory characters.

In addition to the characteristics that set each one of them apart from the other, they all had hilarious quotes that live in Big Bang Theory fans' heads. Although most of the lines on the show were scientific, they were also funny and heart-warming. From funny to sad, from tragic to uplifting, every character has had their fair share of brilliant quotes.

Over the years, the show gave us plenty of laughs and bazingas from self-centred Sheldon, stable and steady Leonard, foolish Raj, and Horny Engineer Howard - but how well can you define who said what?

Remember: if you don't know who delivered these epic quotes, Dr. Cooper will absolutely be judging you.

1. "Have You Ever Dealt With Something So Relentlessly Irritating?"


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