The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Sheldon Or Amy?

Which recipient of the Nobel Prize said it?

Amy Sheldon Big Bang Theory

The majority of people are often skeptical about dating sites or psychics, claiming that they prey on the vulnerable. Well, one of the weirdest, yet legendary on-screen couples of the TV world, Shamy, are here to change your mind. Although Sheldon Cooper himself mocked the algorithms used by matchmaking sites and considered fortune tellers to be frauds, he actually ended up thinking that he and Amy had a superior relationship. Far more superior than even Leonard and Penny in fact.

The dating site found a match for Sheldon and the psychic predicted that everything would fall into place once Sheldon committed to a specific woman with dark hair. Checkmate rationalist, Sheldon!

Every fan of this eccentric couple can surely ace a quiz based on their relationship, but can you tell these superior scientists apart by just their quotes alone? Even Sheldon himself would be shocked at just how similar the two of them can be at times.

If you're a true Shamy fan, you shouldn't need to think long and hard about who said these following quotes.

Answers at the end!

1. "I Don't Want To Be Joined To Another Object By An Inclined Plane Wrapped Helically Around An Axis."


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