The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Sheldon Or Bernadette?

Was it Dr. Cooper or Dr. Rostenkowski-Wolowitz?

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bernadette

The Big Bang Theory is famous for its jokes, experiments, board games, musical performances, scavenger hunts, murder mystery parties and of course, Fun with Flags. The characters bonded over the fact that they could never get the girl - which was mainly due to robots, Star Track and comic books.

However, after Leonard convinced Penny to enter into a relationship with him, Howard married Bernadette and Sheldon found himself in a non-so platonic boy slash girl relationship with Amy Farah Fowler. Raj started to date multiple women, but the guys always remained loyal to their hobbies.

Raj and Howard rocked their band, Leonard and Sheldon played their three-dimensional chess. Not to mention their dedication to comic cons. Besides the standard duos like Raj and Howard, Sheldon and Leonard, the creators of the show sometimes did their own experiment putting dramatically different personages in one scene. Like Amy and Howard in a scavenger hunt or Sheldon and Bernadette playing a D&D game.

Today we are specially focusing on the scenes with the theoretical physicist with the high IQ and the microbiologist with high-paying job. Who said it - was it Sheldon or Bernadette?

1. "I Don't Care If Someone Makes Fun Of Me."


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