The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Sheldon Or Leonard?

Sheldon is known for his Bazingas, but what else has he said over the years?

The Big Bang Theory Quiz Sheldon and Leonard

The Big Bang Theory might have declined in its later run, but it caught viewers attention for a reason and still remains that show you watch 'when there's nothing else on television'.

It's a look into the lives of four self-proclaimed geeks and their daily routine of gaming, scientific research and comic book obsession. For most people, it was an insight into a different kind of lifestyle which is why The Big Bang Theory stood out amongst other sitcoms.

The reason it worked so well was because of the dynamics within the relationship of roommates Sheldon and Leonard. They are both geeks but somehow at two different ends of the geek spectrum, with Sheldon as the socially unaware one who's a genius, whilst Leonard is the slightly less intelligent one who has a better grasp of how to act in social situations (even though they're both awkward anyway). Although neither of the nerds would admit it, they are something of a bromance, almost an old married couple.

But in the twelve seasons of the show, can you differentiate between Sheldon's ramblings and Leonard's whining?

Answers at the end!

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