The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It To Bernadette?

Who said these honest lines to the one who should be in a tree baking cookies?

The Big Bang Theory Bernadette

The Big Bang Theory is famous for conversations flavoured with high intelligence that is sometimes hard to follow. But once you get a little acquainted with each character, their field of study and theories start to sound familiar. The hard part is to remember all the superheroes, actors, Star track personages, Klingon words and games! Some of which were even invented by the gang themselves - like three-dimensional chess.

If you're a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory who is studying microbiology, you might find it hard to blend in with these superhero lovers, especially if you're not there just for the free food and Wi-Fi, like Penny. However, along with the development of the Bernadette and Howard’s romance, we soon learn that the little PhD holder had many things in common with each member of the Caltech squad... and Penny.

She was bossy like Sheldon, sweet like Raj, and even shared similar high school issues with Amy. Most importantly, Bernie had an obsessive mother, whom she and Howard bonded over. Well, let’s see how well you remember the connection between Bernadette the marionette and other heroes. Who said these lines to her?

1. "I Guess We Both Had To Put Up With A Lot Of Crap From People."


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