The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Said It - Young Sheldon Or Old Sheldon?

Can you tell apart the same character, just twenty years apart?

sheldon and young sheldon

When The Big Bang Theory premiered back in 2007, it was hard to imagine the success it bagged running for 12 seasons. And certainly, the creators could have never have pictured the main character, Sheldon Cooper to pick up such a huge fan following from across the globe. But the odd, eccentric, socially awkward, and brilliant genius did. So much so that he got his own spin-off show, Young Sheldon.

The spin-off dives into the world of a young Sheldon Cooper, which every Big Bang Theory fan has been eager to understand since the nerdy genius hit the limelight. Just like his future self, young Sheldon is a prodigy and a man of many words.

Can you tell the difference between the two? After all, both still hold very similar traits even though they are decades apart with their science, nerdiness and blunt social skills to say the least.

Only major fans of the show can tell them apart. If you think you can do it, face this quiz to find out.

Can you tell the difference between the same character, set apart two decades based on their quotes alone?

1. "Don't You Think If I Were Wrong, I'd Know It?"


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