The Big Bang Theory Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Leonard Hofstadter Or Amy Farrah Fowler?

Was it Sheldon Cooper's roommate, Leonard or the dryer sheet of his heart, Amy?

The Big Bang Theory

Feelings never used to be part of the life of genius Dr. Sheldon Cooper, beloved theoretical physicist at Caltech. Changing the philosophy of “What Jesus would do?” into “What Spock Would Do?” at an early age, Sheldon lived his life in pure logic. Well, until he met the little guy, Leonard Hofstadter and cute weirdo, Amy Farrah Fowler.

These two intellectuals poisoned the quirky doctor with emotion. Shelly was like the Tin Man, perfectly content until that evil Wizard gave him a heart. He was like Pinocchio who that jerk Geppetto went and made a real boy.

While Sheldon struggled with emotional attachments and commitment issues, Leonard was suppressing his strong desire to hold a pillow over his face while he was sleeping, and Amy was writing erotic novel about Amelia and the Time Traveling Physicist. Amy and Leonard indubitably deserve a prize for encouraging, sustaining, inspiring, and tolerating Sheldon Lee Cooper. But all they got was relationship agreements.

Maybe you can give them 100% by passing this quotes quiz. Who said it – Ricardo Shilly-Shally or Smart-Face?

1. "I Should've Done It Gradually. Y'know, Like, Maybe Three Hundred Tiny Haircuts Over A Ten Year Period."


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