The Big Bang Theory Sarcasm Quiz: Who Said It?

It's either a sarcasm or an indictment of the American education system!

The Big Bang Theory Leonard

Just like science, comic books, board games and Star Wars, sarcasm was a big part of the life of Caltech university geniuses. Some of the legendary gang excelled at it, the others, especially remarkable Sheldon Cooper had a hard time recognising it. In fact, his jokes were as theoretical as his study. Sheldon being funny on purpose caused nothing, but delightful surprise.

The Nerdvana citizens got used to the jokes, mocking and bullying since their childhood. Becoming an adult and a serious scientist did not change this fact. The Big Bang Theory proved that humour makes everything better, even if it is flavoured with sarcasm. It makes friendship more realistic and challenging. Even in case of Sheldon and Howard.

All the characters of the show mastered the art of sarcasm throughout the series. But who is the best at it ? Leonard and Penny or Howard? Maybe it’s Sheldon with his iconic Bazinga lines.

Well, pass this Big Bang Theory quotes quiz that will help you to remember the scenes with the most sarcastic moments.

1. "For God's Sake, Do I Have To Hold Up A Sarcasm Sign Every Time I Open My Mouth?"


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