The Big Bang Theory: The Hardest Penny True Or False Quiz

How well do you remember the blonde girl?

The Big Bang Theory Penny

The Big Bang Theory is built around the relationship between several physicists - Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, and Rajesh Koothrappali. These four characters devote their free time to comics, video games, and, of course, science. They do however often fail in other types of social situations. Therefore, the appearance of Penny, who turned out to be a vivid opposition to the geniuses, was inevitable.

The girl next door liked parties and watching American football with her friends. It's no wonder that Leonard fell in love with her at first sight. Among these scientists and engineers however, Penny felt like an alien. She didn't even graduate from college, so she often couldn't understand their "professional" jokes. Gradually however, Leonard and his friends, despite their oddities, become Penny's best friends Who'd have thought it?

The question we have for Big Bang Theory fans today is, just how well do you remember Penny? Can you ace this true or false quiz that even Leonard would struggle with? Only the most diehard Big Bang Theory fans will score top marks!

1. Penny Had A Dog Named Salt.


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