The Big Bang Theory: The IMPOSSIBLE Penny And Leonard True Or False Quiz

Was their relationship all sarcastic giggles and rainbows?

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Legendary, cult, adored by millions - all this refers to the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The show about a group of genius men that befriend their beautiful blonde neighbour was quite different from other shows.

Along the way, in between theoretical and experimental physics, we fell in love with the couples of the show, a toxic, but brilliant relationship between Penny and Leonard, an asymmetric, but deep relationship between Sheldon and Amy and the perfect combination of a Jew and Catholic.

While Howard and Bernadette tied the knot and settled into domestic bliss in season 5, Penny and Leonard faced many obstacles on their way - fear of responsibility, an ex-boyfriend of Penny or a girl who came from the culture that literally wrote the book on neat ways to have sex.

Somehow, the outright bully Penny and sensitive Leonard with childhood issues managed to enter into what they call a successful marriage. If you consider yourself an expert on this couple, you should have no problems acing this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. Leonard And Penny Shared Their First Kiss In "The Middle-Earth Paradigm" On Halloween.


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