The Big Bang Theory: The Impossible Sheldon Cooper Weekly Schedule Quiz

Can you remember what Sheldon Cooper schedules for every night of the week?

The Big Bang Theory

It's good to be organised but Sheldon Cooper takes it to a whole new level in The Big Bang Theory. As the series progresses avid viewers of the show come to realise just how much Sheldon relies on a set schedule to function. If something is out of place and doesn't happen the way it's supposed to... all hell can break loose.

Sheldon's rather insane list of rules and quirky schedules are legendary. Over the course of the show's whopping 279 episodes across 12 jam-packed seasons we see what tasks and eateries Sheldon designs every night of the week to be scheduled around. No matter if it's Monday or Thursday, Sheldon functions pretty much like clockwork and we can easily predict exactly where he's going to be, what he's going to be doing and what he is going to be eating.

As for his friends, well they have no real choice but to come along for the ride as well.

By now you've seen every episode of The Big Bang Theory but how well do you really remember the specifics of Sheldon's weekly schedule? Can you remember what happens every Wednesday or Friday night?

Take our quiz below and as ever you'll find the answers at the end.

1. What Does Sheldon Eat For Breakfast On Mondays?


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