The Big Bang Theory: The Progressively Easier Sheldon Cooper Quiz

Can you prove you know everything there is to know about Sheldon Lee Cooper? Let's find out!

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper is arguably the most intelligent person to every appear on a television sitcom.

After getting his degree at just 14 years old, Sheldon went on to get his Ph.D at Caltech and carry on working there as a theoretical physicist, focusing on String Theory.

Despite being a great mind who can calculate some of the most difficult equations, Sheldon has always struggled with the social side of life.

His need for everything to go his way makes it hard for his roommate Leonard who often finds himself giving into Sheldon's demands. Be it where he can sit to what temperature he can set the thermostat. Sheldon also hates change and struggles when his schedule changes.

Yet with all his eccentricities, Sheldon's friends and family accept him for who he is. For those in he life, it isn't easy to be Sheldon's friend, but it's worth it.

Sheldon's friends know everything there is to know about him, they question is, how much do you know? This quiz features 12 questions all about Sheldon Cooper, luckily each one will get progressively easier.

Will you prove you know all about Sheldon Lee Cooper? Let's find out!

1. What Does Sheldon State His IQ To Be?


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