The Big Bang Theory: The Ultimate Name The Character Quiz

Only a few fans will be able to name all 20 of these characters. How many will you identify?

The Big Bang Theory Mary

One of the biggest sitcoms of all time, The Big Bang Theory ran for a whopping 12 seasons.

We saw lovable scientists Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj as their world turned upside down when wannabe actress Penny moved in across the hall.

The guys never lost their love of sci-fi, comics and all things geeky. Yet, becoming part of Penny's life, the men met the loves of their own lives and built up the confidence to do things they never would have previously. For instance, Raj began speaking to women. If it wasn't for Penny, Sheldon would never have met Amy, whilst Howard married Penny's Cheesecake Factory co-worker Bernadette.

Throughout the show we were teased with the 'opposites attract' possibility of whether Leonard and Penny would end up together. Luckily, we got what we all hoped for by the finale of the series.

With 279 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, there were plenty of characters across the whole show. Anyone who has seen the series might be able to identify the six main characters, but you have to be a big fan of the show to recognise everyone who has made an appearance.

Can you remember the name of Sheldon's mother? Do you know the name of the Geologist that asked Amy to go to the rock show? Only a few fans will be able to name all 20 of these characters. So, let's find out how many you can identify!

Answers at the end!

1. Name The Character


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