The Big Bang Theory: The Ultimate Rajesh Koothrappali True Or False Quiz

Will you prove you are an expert at all things Raj Koothrappali? Let's find out!

Big Bang Theory Raj Koothrappali

The Big Bang Theory's Rajesh Koothrappali spends much of his time on the show trying to find love.

When the series first begins he struggles to even talk to women thanks to his selective mutism. He could only speak to a woman when he'd had an alcoholic drink.

It takes heartbreak for him to finally be able to talk to his dates without a drink. Just when it looked like he might find he perfect match in Anu, their relationship came to an end. Yet, Raj learned that he was good enough just as he is.

Do you know everything there is to know about The Big Bang Theory's Rajesh Koothrappali? This quiz features 12 statements all about Raj, all you need to do is work out if each one is either true or false.

Can you remember what the name of Raj's dog is called? Are you able to recall the reason why Raj and Anu ended their relationship?

Will you prove you are an expert at all things Raj Koothrappali and score 100% at this ultimate true or false quiz? Let's see if you can get every question correct!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

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