The Big Bang Theory: The Ultimate Sheldon Cooper Quiz

How much do you know about The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper? Let's find out!

Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory showed loving comic books, superheroes and all things science was actually pretty cool.

For 279 episodes we hung out with four seemingly geeky scientists who find their lives changing forever when Penny moves in across the hall.

Sheldon Cooper is the one who seemingly struggles the most with all the changes that Penny brings with her. From the little things like stealing his wi-fi and take out food, to eventually her marrying his roommate Leonard; Penny has a habit of throwing Sheldon's world upside down.

Yet despite that, Penny becomes almost like another sister for Sheldon. She takes care of him whilst he's ill and he drives her to the hospital when she hurts her shoulder.

Sheldon might struggle with change, but it's his life that changes the most out of the show's characters.

How much do you know about Sheldon Cooper? This quiz is set to test even the biggest fans of The Big Bang Theory.

Can you remember the name of Sheldon's YouTube channel? Do you know in which season of The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon and Amy got married?

Will you prove yourself to be the ultimate expert in all things Sheldon Cooper? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. What State Did Sheldon Grow Up In?


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