The Big Bang Theory: TOUGHEST Raj Koothrappali Quiz On The Internet!

The impossible Big Bang Theory quiz - How well do you know this sensitive soul?

Raj Big Bang Theory

The whole universe was in a hot dense state…and then The Big Bang Theory came along and became one of the biggest hits in sitcom television history.

Quickly gaining traction for its zany but frequently relatable gang of nerds and the girl next door, Big Bang would slowly morph from quirky underdog show to the biggest juggernaut in the comedy section of the entire TV landscape. This didn’t come about by accident, however.

In focusing the story around a group of distinct and equally hilarious faces, each with their own eventually fleshed out backstories and personal lives, Big Bang gifted us with one of the most memorable main casts you’re ever likely to settle down for a Netflix binge with.

Yet, away from the intensely confident Howard Wollowitz and the other-worldly Sheldon Cooper, many would point to Raj Koothrappali (played deliciously by Kunal Nayyar) as the personality who goes on the biggest journey from start to finish. The genius astrophysicist with a crippling fear of talking to women has regularly left us in fits of laughter or reluctantly cringing at his sheer audacity.

But, just how well do you know this sensitive soul?

1. Raj Has A PHD In What?


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