The Big Bang Theory: Who Gave Sheldon Cooper These Nicknames?

"I'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper, B.S., M.S., MA, Ph.D., and Sc.D. OMG, right?"

Sheldon Big Bang Theory

In order to brilliantly perform a leading character in a long-running TV series, one must have a pleasing voice and symmetrical facial features. But in order to portray Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, one must definitely have an eidetic memory, a real talent of playing bongos and be able to insult everyone by using their high IQ.

Jim Pearson must have all those things to shape the legendary Sheldon Lee Cooper that we have now. Due to his annoying behaviour, awkward quirks and the bizarre situations he often finds himself in, this has led to various nicknames and aliases over the years. Not to mention comparisons of Sheldon to TV characters, mainly to robots. Well, it’s only logical, as he was a man of science, not someone's snuggle-bunny! But was he?

This unique equation of a Moonpie and Einstein von Brainstorm could be solved only by someone special, cute, bespectacled neuroscientist with hair the colour of mud.

Well, let’s see how well you remember Sheldon Lee Cooper and his nicknames given by the famous scientist gang, Penny and others.

1. Shelly Bean


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