The Big Bang Theory: You'll Never Get 100% On This Sheldon Cooper True Or False Quiz

Don't worry, there's nothing about flags in this one!

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

Viewers are not starved of iconic geeks on TV. You can throw a stone into any sitcom, and it'll probably end up hitting some geeky character who stole the audience's hearts. But, in the case of The Big Bang Theory, that rock will ricochet into a whole host of them. Still, the one who is most synonymous with the show has to be Sheldon Cooper.

This genius scientist is as amusing as he is loveable, and despite his more outrageous/rude tendencies, he's a highlight of the show. Watching him grow more comfortable with himself and those around him is a big part of the series' appeal. Plus, seeing him mock others with ruthless proficiency was just too much fun.

Of course, seeing as The Big Bang Theory ran for a whole twelve seasons, viewers got plenty of time to get to know this smart boy. They received an overwhelming amount of trivia about him throughout that period, which you'd need an IQ at his level to remember.

So, let's see if you've got what it takes to match up to that and test out if you're a Sheldon expert.

1. Stan Lee Filed A Restraining Order Against Sheldon.


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