The Book Of Boba Fett Review: 8 Ups & 1 Down For Chapter 1: 'Stranger In A Strange Land'


8. Kamino & Jango

Star Wars Attack Of The Clones Boba Fett Jango

What better way to immediately put a smile on the face of franchise fans, than by having The Book of Boba Fett open up with pained flashbacks to the young Boba's time on Kamino and then the death of his 'father' Jango.

Attack of the Clones is a Star Wars film that is so often brutally lambasted, with it usually ranking extremely low when it comes to discussing the best and worst of the cinematic ventures to a galaxy far, far away. Still, one of the highlights of this much-maligned movie is Jango Fett, his pivotal role in the development of the Clone Army, and the tragic sight of seeing Boba finding the decapitated head of the man who had reared him; said decapitation coming courtesy of Mace Windu, of course.

As Boba recuperates in a bacta tank, it's this which the show uses as a vehicle to flashback in time to moments and memories that still clearly trouble Temuera Morrison's grizzled Fett.

If the death of Jango still obviously haunts Boba, one has to question how our titular character will react should he again interact with any Jedi.


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