The Boys Quiz: Did Homelander Say It?

Do these lines sound like something Man-child would say?

The Boys The Name of the Game

The Boys is a high-rated satirical masterpiece that’s hard to resist - especially if you are a superhero saga fan! Of course, the superheroes of this show are not presented in a traditionally good light. So, if you are a romantic for the capes 'n' tights brigade, the show will disappoint you by making you take off your rose-tinted glasses.

With the TV series adaptation of the well-received comic book, the TV addicts were convinced that satire had not been trapped under the rubble of the Roman Empire. It’s still alive. From the Roman Coliseums to the Vought Corporation, the sophisticated genre made its way.

Actually, the leaders of the Vought and Roman Empire had many things in common. Homelander never cared about the Americans. Neither did Nero. To the point that he initiated the Great Fire of Rome. Three seasons of The Boys will tell you more about the malefactions of the Paranoid Malignant Narcissist of The Boys, Homelander.

For now, let’s focus on his lines and ideas. Did the World's Greatest Superhero say the following quotes or not?

Answers at the end!

1. "The Good Guys Don’t Win. The Bad Guys Don’t Get Punished."


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