The Boys Quiz: Match The WTF Moment To The Episode

"That was diabolical!"

The Boys Popclaw
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When viewers sat down to watch the first episode of The Boys in 2019, many were unfamiliar with the graphic novel upon which it is based (strong emphasis on "graphic"). Many could be forgiven for the assumption that Amazon's latest offering was just another tired attempt at a superhero flick.

By the time the episode had built to its thunderous climax, viewers had witnessed a bare knuckle fistfight between a human and a superhero, ending with said superhero incapacitated by an exposed electric cable stuck up his derriere. As viewers picked their collective jaws off the floor, the realisation had sunk in; this was no ordinary superhero show. After all, this arguably wasn't even the most shocking moment in the episode.

While The Boys definitely takes gore and violence to stratospheric new levels (Kimiko, did you really have to literally rip that poor man's face off?), the show's most truly shocking moments are the ones that show the darkest and most depraved aspects of humanity manifested in beings capable of levelling a city in a fit of pique. The worst part? The show is done so incredibly well that viewers actually find themselves laughing at the sheer chaotic horror of it all.

Hope you're not too traumatized for this; can you remember in which episode the most shocking instances in The Boys occurred?

1. The Deep's Gills Talk And Sing To Him.


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