The Boys Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Homelander Or Billy Butcher?

How well do you remember The Boys?

The Boys

A controversial television series about superheroes that cause more problems than they solve, captured the attention of critics and fans with its first episode. The satire that is known to the public as The Boys, is full of ultra-violence, sensitive images and taboo scenes.

The corrupt world is perfectly reflected in the management style of the company that produces supes for money, power and political influence. Vought used every means to lie to people - from the media to movie productions. However, when truth started to walk amongst Americans, in the form of Billie Butcher and his friends, the reputation of Vought, Homelander and other so-called heroes was called into question.

From season one to season four, the show focused on the battle between Billy and Homelander, along with other supplementary storylines and characters. However, at the finale of the third season, the fans spotted the possibility of a collaboration between the two characters.

Well, whilst Eric Kripke and his team are busy with determining the future of the British Guy and The World's Greatest Superhero, let’s see if you remember the quotes of these two strong personages. All you have to do is match the quote to the character.

1. "Never Go Into Shark-Infested Waters Without Chum."


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