The Dark Knight Trilogy: Who Said It - Scarecrow, Joker Or Bane?

Was Gotham really worth saving?

Warner Bros.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is broken down into three distinct chapters - fear, chaos and pain, respectively.

Scarecrow introduced fear into the grimy underbelly of Gotham with his hallucinogen, Joker created pure uncontrollable chaos and Bane aimed to create pain with his proclaimed ‘fire’, each with their own very unique method of punishing or liberating Batman depending on how you view the trilogy.

Christopher Nolan couldn’t have chosen better actors to play the roles with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy filling the comic book boots amply and giving memorable performances – the late Heath Ledger a particular standout.

Ledger’s performance as the Joker is considered one of the most complete and genuinely captivating portrayals of an antagonist in cinematic history and helped the Dark Knight Trilogy cement its place in silver screen folklore.

How well do you know the evil running through Gotham? Can you tell the difference between fear, chaos and pain from these quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. "Smile, Because It Confuses People"


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