The Defenders: 30 Best Easter Eggs In Netflix's Marvel Universe (So Far)

The best gags, references and Eggs in the Defenders universe.

Netflix Easter Eggs

It's almost time for The Defenders to put their differences aside and team up to take down Sigourney Weaver's new villain and the old threat of the Hand (with zombie Elektra of course in tow). Even with the disappointment of Iron Fist (which was absolutely not the all-out disaster some say it was), there's no dampening the excitement for the ensemble show, particularly as Danny Rand will definitely work better alongside the other three.

For most, the show's most exciting prospect is the invitation to watch the foursome bouncing off one another, with the idea of Jessica Jones acerbically taking the others down (and basically everyone laughing at Iron Fist until he inevitably proves his worth) standing out massively. But anyone who has watched Marvel's Netflix shows knows there's another thing to get hyped about.

The inevitable catalogue of Easter Eggs.

Following on from the other five seasons, The Defenders is bound to be chock-full of references, Easter Eggs and in-jokes in there. And with a whole host of news ones set to appear, it's well worth looking backwards at the best and most obscure examples we've already seen in Netflix's exceptional Marvel universe...

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