The Expanse: Bet You Can’t Name All These Characters

Do you know your Drummer's from your Draper's?

The Expanse
Amazon Studios

The Expanse is easily one of the most underrated and brilliant TV shows of the past decade.

The greatest strength of the series isn't in the small details or the visuals, though both are ridiculously impressive, it's in the cast and the characters. Nobody is a weak link in the series and everybody gets their moment to shine.

Whether it's the crew of the Rocinante, the politicians of Earth, or rivalling OPA factions, they all have a side to the story that is worth seeing in detail, and in doing so we all get to fall in love with the characters. The rogues, the villains, the anti-heroes, and the protomolecule - all have their point to prove in this series about life within our solar system.

From Drummer to Draper, Holden to Dawes, nobody is innocent completely when taking the show as a whole and the shades of grey that exist in the series about rebellions and old empires.

How well do you know the characters in the show though? Test your knowledge here.

Answers at the end!

1. What Captain Of The Rocinante Is This?


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