The Flash: 10 Best Villains (so Far)

Deranged speedsters. Charismatic Rogues. One big ape.

Captain Cold Wentworth Miller The Flash
The CW

Last week, The Flash concluded its second season, bringing an end to the Zoom arc before sending Barry Allen back in time to change the past, leaving the season on a game-changing note that instantly made the arrival of season three feel years away.

Over the course of two seasons, Barry and his allies have come up against numerous threats in all shapes and sizes. From deranged metahumans to tech-based criminals, antagonists have challenged Team Flash from two different Earths, some lasting no more than an episode, others becoming recurring figures that continue to plague Central City.

As we wait to see what season three has in store, let's take a spoiler-filled look back at the show's incredible run so far to stack up 10 of the best, most memorable villains The Flash has offered yet...

9. Reverb

Captain Cold Wentworth Miller The Flash
The CW

The introduction of Earth-2 in the second season brought with it a number of new takes on characters fans have come to know, with doppelgangers turning up left and right.

In some cases, E-1 villains were heroes on E-2, like Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton's nerve-addled cop; in others, faces we were used to seeing as heroes were villains, whether it was Ronnie Raymond being Deathstorm, Caitlin Snow being Killer Frost, or Laurel Lance being the Black Siren.

Nearly all were entertaining to various degrees, but seeing the always-lovable Cisco Ramon in full-on egomaniacal mode was easily the most engaging, as Carlos Valdes relished every second on screen as the evil doppelganger Reverb.

On top of that, and despite being killed by Zoom in his first and only appearance, his impact was much larger than his fellow E-2 doppelgangers on the gang from E-1 from the get-go, as seeing what Reverb could do - both with and without his glasses - helped motivate Vibe to really explore his own potential, which only served to help the team in their ongoing fight against Zoom.

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