The Flash: 10 Villains For Season 2

1. Killer Frost

At the same time Kreisberg mooted Dr Alchemy and Mirror Master as potential villains for season 2, he also mentioned that there€™d be one surprise fans would €œlose their minds over.€ One of the theories is that this will be Jay Garrick, the original Flash whose helmet is seen in the season 1 finale. The other prevalent theory is that it will Killer Frost, who was also very briefly glimpsed in the last episode as Barry travelled through time. She possesses the ability to create weapons out of ice, create ice walls as a means of defense, and absorb heat and turn it into cold waves. Where it gets really interesting is that Killer Frost is the villainous identity of Caitlin Snow, who on the show is very much a key part of the team at S.T.A.R Labs. This development could even tie in with Arrow, as it is H.I.V.E agents - set to be a big part of that show next year - who cause the events leading to Caitlin€™s transformation in the comics. Caitlin is already a popular character, so turning her into a villain would be a risky move, although admittedly a very exciting one, and the sort fans would indeed lose their minds over.
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