The Flash Quiz: Barry Allen - True Or False?

How much do you really know about the man behind the mask of the scarlet speedster?

The CW

The Justice League is arguably the most popular and well known faction in the history of comic books. It is a superhero powerhouse boasting some of the strongest and famous meta humans or vigilantes known to man, such as the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

One member that is often over looked due to the fame of those three is the fastest man alive, the scarlet speedster, the Flash. Also known as Barry Allen, The Flash has the potential to be the most powerful meta human ever on his speed alone. At a young age he was struck by a bolt of lightning which connected him to the mysterious source of power known as the 'Speed Force'. With that at his disposal he can pretty much overcome any obstacle before him. He can take speed from others and distribute it to friends, can phase through buildings, fly and even travel through time and into other dimensions!

We all know the adventures of The Flash pretty well, but how well do you know the man behind the mask? Can you tell if these facts about Barry Allen are true or false?

Answers are at the end!

1. Barry Is Short For Bartholomew.


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